The mighty smiths are the only people who can craft any tool or weapon above stone. In addition they can repair items by rightclicking an anvil (iron block) with the broken item in their hand. Additional materials of the same type are required to repair the item.

Weaponry: Stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Smithery, Repair

Hmm, let me see trough this again, you need an iron pickaxe, but you only have 1 iron and an almost broken pickaxe? NO PROBLEM! As Blacksmiths have mighty and tallented hands, they can repair tools with only 1 of the item material that is being fixed (1 iron for iron tools, 1 diamond for diamond tools, etc). Also as they have the strongest arms in Realm, they are the only ones able to craft iron and above tools.

BlackSmith FAQ

Why choose Blacksmith?

If you use a lot of iron tools, if you like repearing tools, or if you simply like money, these guys like it all, too! Blacksmiths are the only class that can make iron, diamond and gold tools, and considdering the bonuses those tools give, blacksmiths are often needed. All YOU have to do is find a Miner to work for you, get the ores, and money will come faster then you can imagine!

How do I repair?

Take a tool that is almost broken, while having 1 of the same ore material in your inventory (1 iron if you want to repair an iron pickaxe) and right click an Anvil (Iron block).

Can everyone craft armor?

No. Only Blacksmiths can, they can also repair any armor, except fire armor, as it's an epic armor and even Blacksmiths can't stand it's power.