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The leader of the paladins. The crusader prepares pages to become swordsmen or archers with rigorous training. You should know all about it already if you're even planning to become one. As all paladins they have to protect towns, operate the town gates and make sure there are no security holes leading the fox clan into the town.

Weaponry: Any sword, any armor.

Skills and Abilities : Golden swords deal additional fire damage to enemies, heal self, buff attack, manage the paladin guild.

Crusader of the light, protector of Townsfolks . Only 1 may become him and rule the Townsfolks and Paladins . Fighting does not make a Crusader, anyone can fight well with a little bit of training. Crusader is about brain. He is the one who thinks of who goes where, what will everyone do, tactics, ogranizing etc. Being a Crusader is no easy job, as Townsfolks can vote a Crusader out, if they think he isn't good enough. Only one, the best, take this role.

Crusader FAQ

How do I become a Crusader?

Simple, when a Crusader is voted off, voting starts on the forums, and Townsfolks vote who they want as Crusader. Only Paladin Archers and Paladin Swordsman can become a Crusader. If you are voted in, you will simply get Crusader class, and then you lead the Paladins.

How do Townsfolks vote Crusader out?

They make a topic on the forums requesting to kick out the Crusader, if 60% of the votes are yes, then he is kicked out.

In what way do I lead the Townsfolks?

Simply, any way, just don't get too youst to it, because Townsfolks can start a vote to kick you out.