Those who come to see this post have a lot of courage when they are interested in information about the Fox clan! Together with their leader, The Dark Fox , the Foxes are bandits of the night, lurking their way into towns to steal all they can from the Townsfolk . Although they are a very small group of 15, they are required to be discliplined and organized to keep in line with their leader. They feed from the fear of the Townsfolk at night, killing them and getting all they need from them. They live in the hidden Sanctuary , where they prepare their axes and bows, as they prepare for their next raid.

Dark Fox clan FAQ

How do I apply for the Dark Fox clan membership?

Simply, you don't. Foxes choose their own members and also fire them. You can impress The Dark Fox in numerous ways. Show them that you are a good fighter, show them your brain and how capable you are of being a Tunneler, show them YOUR power and you maybe invited to join them.

How do Dark Fox clan members earn money?

Foxes are a clan that is running away from the ways of economy and relay to sharing and trust in other members, meaning money has no value to them, items do.

I asked The Dark Fox to join the clan, but he didn't respond. Why?

The Dark Fox likes getting this decision on his own, meaning he does not like anyone asking him to join them, in fact, your chances to join them are lower.

What Classes do Dark Fox clan have?