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Farms with an automatic farm system

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The good ol' farmer is the main source of food around these lands. He is the only one capable of farming and he gains various bonuses depending on what hoe he uses.

Weaponry: Stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Farming

Farmers are dedicated in getting engredients for Innkeepers , so they can make food for other Townsfolks and Paladins . The farmer is the only class capable of harvesting crops, cacti, apples and sugar cane. Farming with various tools provide different rewards.

Farming Wheat:

  • Wood/Stone/Iron Hoe = 1 wheat
  • Diamond Hoe = 2-4 wheat
  • Golden Hoe = 4-7 seeds

Farming Cacti:

  • Wood/Stone/Iron Axe = 1 Cacti
  • Diamond Axe = 3 Cacti
  • Golden Axe = 3 Green Dye

Farming Reed:

  • Wood/Stone/Iron Sword = 1 Reed
  • Golden/Diamond Sword = 3 Reed

Farming Apples (hit the leaves):

  • Wood Hoe = 10% chance for an apple
  • Stone Hoe = 20% chance
  • Iron Hoe = 30% chance
  • Diamond Hoe = 100% chance
  • Golden Hoe = 10% chance for a Golden apple

Farmers FAQ

Why choose farmer?

Farmers are for players who like peaceful gameplay. Farmers have the job to get Wheat for Innkeepers , get green dye from Cactus and sell it to players, Make books and bookshelves from Reed and sell it to players etc, as they are the only ones capable of actually getting crops. They are also the only ones that can get apples from cutting down leaves from trees.

Where can I make my farm?

Every city usually sells spots for players to make their farms on. But you can make one outside the city walls. Although if a farm is outside the city walls, foxes can destroy it, take the crops and destroy your farm completely, so it's suggested that players buy Farm spots in towns.