Fishermen may catch various and even unexpected things in the water. Ranging from multiple fish, to a skeleton - fishermen have the ability to hook the most dangerous catches.

Weaponry: Stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Angling

Fisherman are a very useful food collector class, but because of their experiance of fishing, they can fish even other items like leather armor, ores and such.

Fisherman FAQ

Why choose Fisherman?

If you like a peaceful, foodgeathering class, fisherman is a class for you, as there is no better thing for them but to go on a river and enjoy life fishing fish. Although due to their experiance at fishing, other items except just fish gets on their stick!

Why not merge Fisherman with Hunters?

Mods are considering it.

I only catch normal fish, whats wrong?


  1. You're not a fisherman.
  2. Fisherman plugin is broken, which means that mods are probably on their way to fix it.