Gladiators are warriors that fight in arenas and earn money by doing so. There are 4 types of arenas, Spleef, PvP, Mob arena and Slimeball. Gladiators are the only ones that can enter PvP arena. Although people can organize Gladiator matches, and Gladiator that wins gets procent of the money players bid on him. Downside to Gladiators is that they fear of the Fox, therefor they don't attack them with nothing stronger then stone weapons and leather armor.

Weaponry: Inside the arena, any weapon and any armor;

Outside the arena, stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Gladiators main home is the Colloseum. There they can fight and earn money when win. Although everyone can use Spleef and Slimeball, only gladiators earn money by going there. Others can only go there for fun. Mob arena can be used by anyone, but no one gets money from it, but items as reward. Therefor, if you like fighting other Gladiators in arena, becoming the best, getting fame and firtune by fighting, this is the class for you!

Gladiators FAQ

Why choose Gladiator?

Gladiators are a class that's made to entrertain Townsfolks and Paladins by fighting each other. Winning Gladiator get's money or item as reward. So their money status depends on weather there are more Gladiators on. For those who like PvPing and entertaining other Townsfolks , and earning money by doing so, this is the class for them.

Why can't Gladiators PvP Foxes?

Gladiators are a very very strong class. They can use any weapon or any kind. They can even use any armor. That leads to people choosing Gladiators over Paladins , and as Crusader can't control Gladiators as much as Paladins, that creates even bigger trouble to Crusader, and that leads to Foxes raiding successfuly while Gladiators are fighting with the Crusader.

How do I enter the arena?