There are different ways to help the Dark Fox clan . One is them is traiding with them, giving them any kind of material is a criminal offense, and if another Townsfolk finds out, he can report it to the Crusader and the Player can go to jail. Foxes usually give materials that they don't need, and take materials that they really need, therefor it's a criminal offense. If a player makes ladderway for the foxes to get inside town, and another player finds out, he can also report the Player and again, he will trialed and probably go to jail for some period of time. If a player gives Foxes any kind of useful information, like someones chest password, that will again lead him to jail. If a player helps a Fox in any kind of way, Crusader can just suspect someone and get him in jail, as Crusader is the Leader of the Townsfolks, and Commander of Paladins .