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The thrill is sometimes more rewarding than the hunt. However, selling the loot may be even more rewarding. Hunters gain additional drops from monsters - money, rare items and all sorts of goodies.

Weaponry: For PvE, any weapon, lether amor max.

For PvP, stone weapon, leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Skull-splitter - an area of effect damage attack once you rightclick with your axe.

Yes, anyone can go kill a pig and get a raw porkchop, Yes, anyone can go kill a cow and get leather, but no one else but hunters can go kill a zombie and get a Jack o' Lanter, no one but a hunter can go and kill a zombie pigmen and get fire for fire armor, no one but hunters can get money from killing mobs. Hunters have additional drops from mobs that other players can't get, or they just get additional drop (instead of 1 sulphur from creeper, you get 5 or so). Hunters are a class that wanders thoghout the Realm and kill monsters and mobs on their sights, making the path for future passagers clear.

Hunters FAQ

Why choose Hunter?

Hunters get unique items from mobs, and can clear path from/to cities for future passagers. They can also get hired to clear cities from monsters at night, which Townsfolks appriciate very much as they need to have that 1 place they can be safe in. Chances for hunters to get unique items are like on the list:

Monster Drops Chance Bow allowed?
Chicken Additional Feathers 100% Yes
Egg 100% Yes
Cow Additional Leather 100% Yes
Creeper Additional Sulphur 100% Yes
0.1 Tae 10% No
TNT 10% Yes

Grilled Pork

(Killed with gold sword)

100% No
Zombie Pigmen Gold Sword 5% Yes
Fire 5% Yes
Skeleton Bow 20% Yes
0.1 Tae 5% No
Slime Leather Helmet 5% Yes
Leather Chestplate 5% Yes
Leather Leggings 5% Yes
Leather Boots 5% Yes
Iron Helmet 5% Yes
Iron Chestplate 5% Yes
Iron Leggings 5% Yes
Iron Boots 5% Yes
Wolf Bone 20% Yes
Zombie Jack o' Lanter 5% Yes
0.1 Tae 5% No
Red Rose 5% Yes

Why not merge Hunters with Fisherman?

Mods are considering it.

Are Hunters good in PvP?

They are nerfed when it comes to PvP, but if a player is good enough, why not.