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Where else would you get food other than an Inn? Only innkeepers are able to prepare and cook food. In addition they may rent rooms to travellers for cheap prices each night.

Weaponry: Stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Cooking

Only Innkeepers are capable of making a well cooked Porkchop, or make a delicius mushroom soup. But as Innkeepers can't just make food, they need to find resources for it, so they deal up with Hunters , Farmers and Fisherman to get materials for them. Also, other then just prepeating food, Innkeepers can make safezones. What are safezones? Safezones are actually Inns that are made outside the town walls and between cities. They can NOT be destroyed by the Foxes or anyone else. If a Townsfolk owns a room in the Inn, he can not be killed by the Fox when he is inside the Inn. Fox also can not be attacked by a Townsfolk, but Innkeeper can kick a Fox out of his Inn. If an Innkeeper makes an Inn, he has to contact a mod, so that mod approves that inn is legit, and only then he can rent rooms inside the Inn. Innkeepers can have only 1 Inn. Only Innkeepers Inns can have chests inside it (other places in Open Area can not), every Inn room can have max. 1 double chest.

Innkeeper FAQ

Why choose Innkeeper?

Innkeepers have a very busy life as not only that they are the only ones being capable of making food, but running an Inn can be a very difficult, but yet very rewarding job! For those who like having an active gameplay, running an Inn, making sure Foxes aren't using your Inn as a camp (by kicking them out) etc. this is the class for you!

Can someone destroy my Inn while I'm making it?

You can place a sign in front of an unfinished Inn, saying it's an Inn under construction, and no one can destroy it, but be careful, if you lie, and it's not an Inn you are making, that could cost you a lot!

Why must Innkeepers get resources from Farmers/Hunters/Fisherman?

Innkeepers are ment to be businessman kind class, meaning you have to loose money, to gain more. Remember the old rules of economy!:

  1. Get resources
  2. ???
  3. Profit