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The class responsible for lumber. Any other class will only gain one plank from a wood block, while lumberjacks can very easily collect both wood and planks depending on what axe he uses.

Weaponry: Any axe, stone sword max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Tree Feller - Chop down an entire tree by cutting at it's bottom. Right click while wielding an axe to activate. 30 Second cooldown.

Lumberjacks are the only ones that are able to get wood instead of just planks. If a Townsfolk of any other class cuts down wood, he will only get 1 plank, while Lumberjacks can get different drops depending on their tool being used. Lumberjacks are also the only ones capable of placing saplings.

Wood/Stone/Iron Axe = 1 Wood Golden Axe = 1 Coal Diamond Axe = 4-8 planks

Lumberjacks FAQ

Why choose Lumberjack?

If you like a class that is active and always on the move, this is the class for you! As lumberjacks are the only ones capable of getting wood, people often need their services. Also a lot of players need coal, and if no miner is in the Realm, it is up to Lumberjack to geather them as much as Charcoal as possible and sell the Townsfolk that needs it.

Are Lumberjacks often needed?

It can very much depend on the situation. There are times when lumberjacks are very much needed, but then there are times when Lumberjacks aren't needed as much. When someone is making a new city, he is needed the most as he has 2 big roles there: 1. Cut down all wood in the area. 2. Sell wood to the future archduke as he will need wood to make most important structures in his city.