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Miners are the main providers of any underground material. They're the only ones who can obtain any ore, even coal.

Weaponry: Stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Mining, Super Pickaxe - Right click while holding a pickaxe.

There are two types of miners. One are those who like picking a cave, going inside, killing mobs, getting the ores they find, getting their way down to diamond level, and hopefully find some diamonds. Second are those who pick a spot and mine down to a certain level, and simply make minewebs or tunnels looking for diamonds and avoiding simple caves. Both of the sides are dedicated to 1 thing, getting ores!

Miner FAQ

Why choose Miner?

If you like mine adventures by picking a cave and going in it, or if you simply like ores, that is the reason you will choose Miner class. As they are usually needed on the server, because they ore the only ones being capable of getting ores, including coal, people, especilly Blacksmiths , need Miners lots of times.

Can I mine outside a town, or just inside?

Towns usually have a special place for miners where miners can go and find ores, but of course always a better place for that is outside the town, as other players will attend to steal ores you find, and get them before you do. Mining outside towns is allowed, but be careful, if you are making a tunnel, don't make it on obvious place, bandits and foxes lurk around!

Do I get special benifits from mining with different materials?

Yes! Miners have special benifits from different tools.

Block/Tool Wooden Stone Iron Gold Diamond Sapling
Coal Ore 1 Coal 1 Coal 1 Coal 1 Coal 1 Coal -
Iron Ore - 1 Iron Ore 1 Iron Ore 1-2 Iron Ingot 1-2 Iron Ingot -
Gold Ore - - 1 Gold Ore 1 Gold Ingot 1-2 Gold Ingot -
Diamond Ore - - 1 Diamond 5% for 2 Diamonds 10% for 2 Diamonds -
Redstone Ore - - - 1-2 Redstone - -
Lapis Lazuli Ore - - - 2-6 Lapis Lazuli - -
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone