Open area is any area outside the city walls. In the open world there are no rules related to PvP. Meaning Townsfolks can kill other Townsfolks , Fox members can kill other Fox members, and of course Townsfolks can kill Fox members, and oposite. If a Townsfolk kills another Townsfolk, chances are, Townsfolk is going to go on a trail to the Crusader and do his punishment in jail. On the other hand, if a Fox member kills his fellow Fox friend, he will have to answer to The Dark Fox . However, every time a Townsfolk kills another Townsfolk, he will get a Bandit Point. You can also build camps outside the city walls but there are specific rules to it.

  • They must have a doorway to get in (doesn't have to have an actual door).
  • If a door is placed, it mustn't be Iron Door.
  • If it's made by the Fox members, Townsfolks can destroy it.
  • If it's made by a Townsfolk, Fox members can destroy it.
  • No chests can be placed in the open area.
  • Special rules for Innkeepers (See more...)