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The page is a paladin in training. These fellows need to pass three trials to become a paladin - the test of agility, the test of faith and the test of strength. Once they pass the trial they become mighty paladins and gain additional abilities and skills. Even though pages aren't paladins yet, they still have to protect towns, operate the town gates and make sure there are no security holes leading the fox clan into the town.

Weaponry: Stone weapon max., leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: None

Pages have 5 simple steps: train, train, train, train and become great! Although they can only use stone swords and don't have any archery skills, they are training as Crusader commands them to become an ultimate Paladin Swordsman or Archer , and some day, hopefully, become a noble fighter, that everyone will want. Training for pages depends on what the Crusader wants to do with them, from simple helping people with farming, hunting, training courses to more advanced quests, like Bandit searching, finding out locations of various places or much much more.

Page FAQ

Why choose Page?

Do you want to become an ultimate Swordsman or Archer ? Then why do you ask? If you would like to join the royal army of Paladins , you have to go thru training courses that the Crusader sets you up, if you fail, you train more and try again, if you fail again, you train some more! Although not everyone can become a Paladin, as Crusader only wants the best fighters, who he can trust, who he knows fights well, who he knows that is smart! A page can leave the Paladin brotherhood at any time, and go back as a simply townsfolk.

How do pages earn money?

Simply, then don't! Paladin Swordsman and Archers do earn money depending on how active they are and how loyal they are to their Crusader , but Pages are still students, therefor Crusader doesn't bother paying them for their work. Pages are for the ones that want to become paladins, not stay pages!

Why can Pages only use stone swords, and don't have archery skills?

As they are only student they are only learning how to weild a sword, meaning that some weapon stronger than diamond can hurt them, therefor they are not allowed to battle with them, as for archery, they are only learning those skills, therefor they don't get them untill they become Paladin Archer . A baby doesn't get born smart!