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Paladin archers are excellent marksmen trained for combat against the dark fox clan . They depend on their bows to rid the earth of all thieves and murderers. As all paladins they have to protect towns, operate the town gates and make sure there are no security holes leading the fox clan into the town.

Weaponry: Bows, Stone Swords max., any armor.

Skills and Abilities: Increased archery damage

Paladin archers are a support class for the Paladin Swordsman , keeping their distance and killing foxes trying to pass the wall. Although archers don't look as rewarding, if one sees foxes climbing up the wall, he can easily get them down and stop the raid, saving the Town for yet another day. Paladin Archers have special arrows they can use due to their skill of using them, they can use:

  1. Normal: Just the standard arrow, uses one arrow per shot.
  1. TNT: Explodes on contact, by default uses one arrow and one tnt per shot.
  1. Fire: Lights hit area on fire, uses one arrow, one wool and one gunpowder per shot. Emits smoke when flying!
  1. Iron: does four damage instead of two, uses one iron ingot and one arrow per shot.
  1. Diamond A.K.A Razor: does six damage, by default uses one diamond and one arrow per shot. They are razor sharp!
  1. Smoke: Releases a cloud of smoke upon hitting something, uses one gunpowder.

Paladin Archer FAQ

Why choose Paladin Archer?

If you want to support the Paladins greatly and protect city walls, Archer is a class for you, as Paladin Archers have speical arrow types, they are greatly used in combat against the Dark Fox clan . Although, even if some small area needs to be scouted, they can use stone swords to scout the area.

How do Paladin Archers earn money?

By being active in game and supporting the Paladin Guild against the Dark Fox clan members.

How do I change arrow types?

If you use Realm of Conquest Client mode (SpoutCraft), you can switch by simply pressing < or >. If you use normal minecraft client, though, you have to change via a code, which takes more time.