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The paladin swordsmen are great combatants. They use their flaming righteous blades to destroy evil-doers. As all paladins they have to protect towns, operate the town gates and make sure there are no security holes leading the fox clan into the town.

Weaponry: Any Swords, any armor.

Skills and Abilities: Golden swords deal additional fire damage to enemies, heal self, buff attack.

Paladin Swordsman, heroes of the Townsfolks , protector of light! As they listen to the Crusaders orders, these fighters successfuly defend Towns from the Dark Fox clan . Requirements to become one aren't low! As Crusader chooses only the best pages he can, Paladin Swordsmen are not a joke!

Paladin Swordsman FAQ

Why choose Paladin Swordsman?

Do you want to join the army against the dark? Do you want to become a hero? Then look no further, because Paladin Swordsmen are those who seak glory, fame or just simply want to avenge the Fox . But to get to the glory is not easy task, as Swordsman not only has to know how to weild a sword, but he has to think fast, know how to survive risky situations, and know how to kill Foxes. Only those who have the heart of the soldier can be successful Paladin Swordsman.

How do Paladin Swordsman earn money?

From being active on the server, protecting the cities from the fox, and killing the fox.

Can paladins use any swords?

Yes, they can. Also, any armor.