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Being the holy wisemen of the domain, sages may heal people by wielding sacred books. Left click to cycle through spells, right click to cast. Sages also seek more knowledge and are able to write books. They can also use a various items to cast various spells.

Weaponry: Spellcaster, no weapon, leather armor max.

Skills and Abilities: Heal self, heal other, buff damage, buff defense, resurrect, fire ball, etc.

Sages have a set of spells, that they use to help others or themselves. Being a Sage is not easy though, as they have the job to comunicate with the Gods, and FatherLurkings, seaking for victory against the Dark Fox clan and other evil crawling among the Realm. Their powers are used via various items, like so:

  • Respiro: Makes you able to breathe underwater for 30/60/120 seconds depending on the casting strength.
  • Frigidus: Freezes the area you are looking at, covering blocks in snow and turning water to ice. Higher casting strengths will cover a larger area.
  • Concalesco: The opposite of frigidus, this spell turns thaws ice and removes snow. Higher casting strengths will cover a larger area.
  • Extinguo: This spell extinguishes you if you are on fire. At higher strengths, this will also extinguish an area around where you are pointing.
  • Pluvia: Makes it rain. This is a powerful spell and requires 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli.
  • Tempestas: Summons a thunderstorm. This is a powerful spell and requires 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli.
  • Sereno: Makes it sunny with clear skies. This is a powerful spell and requires 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli.
  • Lux: Creates a glowstone block in front of the block you are pointing at, that lasts for 1/2/5 minutes depending on casting strength.
  • Tueri: Makes you immune to all damage for 3/5/7 seconds depending on casting strength.
  • Transmutare: When holding a piece of lapis, this spell will turn it into 15 redstone, and when holding at least 15 redstone, they will turn into a piece of lapis. Great for when you cannot find any lapis.
  • Scripto: Inscribe a spell into your spellbook

Sages FAQEdit

Why choose Sage?Edit

If you like the peace that the Gods of the Realm want, if you like to spend hours praying the Gods for the good of the Realm, or if you simply want comunication on Father Lurkings, Sage is the class for you.

What spells are there?Edit

Read more about the spells for sages above.

Why can't sages PvP with weapons?Edit

Sages are those who like peace, no war between the Fox and the Townsfolks , those who pray the Gods, so simply, they can not kill anyone by a simple weapon as they know that thats a murdurer, and murdurer is punished by the Gods. Although as mother nature is very able to kill anyone, Sages figured out they can trigger mother nature and kill anyone using it, making them innocent.