Scamming can be two things:

  1. When two players make a deal and one of the players scam the other one.
  2. When a player tries to scam a server

1. If a member of Dark Fox clan scams a Townsfolk player, there won't be any punishment included as Dark Fox clan is against the Townsfolks , therefor they can scam you any way (running from you after trade, if that class is capable, killing you after the trade, etc). Same story is a Townsfolk scams a Dark Fox clan member. If a Townsfolk scams another Townsfolk, paladins will lead that to Trial and the person will suffer a punishment for what he did. If a Dark Fox clan member scams his fellow Fox member, The Dark Fox will deciede what will happen to him.

2. If a player advertises another server, tries to trick moderators or admins to do stuff for them, calls moderators for no reason multiple times, tries scamming players into griefing or any other rule breaking, that will lead the player to ban.