The leader of the Dark Fox Clan. This shady figure organizes and leads the his clan and plans all of the attacks. Becoming the dark fox is about as easy as leveling a mountain with a feather. The Dark Fox decides who to invite into his clan and he can only be overthrown by a high majority vote (80%-20%).

Weaponry: Bows, stone sword max., any armor.

Skills and Abilities: Increased archery damage.

The words that are about to enter your mind, will be forgoten very soon, as you shall not live much longer to remember them. The Dark Fox is the leader of the deadliest clan on the server, the Dark Fox clan. There isn't much to say about this man, as not a lot of people lived enough to tell the story.

The Dark Fox AFQ

How many Dark Foxes are there?

One. Only one may become leader of the Dark Fox clan.

What kind of control does he have among the Fox?

The ones that escaped from his wrath told that they saw him killing his own people for just not following a simple order. Far as we know, he is capable of anything.