The Paladin Guild are protectors of Townsfolks , lead by a mighty Crusader . Paladins have the right to kill any townsfolk, as well as paladin, but if you get carried away, you could be kicked out by the Crusader , if Crusader doesn't listen to the Townsfolks , they can vote him out of the Crusader position. The Paladins have a big role in safety of the Townsfolks , keeping them safe from the Fox , and letting them get the ingredients that the Paladins can buy later. Although when players want to join the Paladin guild, it's not as simple as it seams. If a player wants to join them, they have to become a Page apprentice first, and from then, only if the Crusader turns out to like them, they can be promoted to a Paladin Swordsman or Archer .

The Paladin Guild FAQ

Why choose The Paladin Guild?

If you have a heart at protecting the Townsfolks from the mighty Dark Foxes , this is a place for you. Although everyone has to bow before the Paladin, Paladins give the Townsfolk one big thing in return, safety. As Crusader carefully chooses where to place his paladins so all 4 cities are well protected, Paladins job is to protect the town they are assigned, and if they find out that yet another town is attacked, it's their duty to do their best to defend the city that is being attacked. As only 15 Paladins are allowed, Crusader has to think twice before he assigns them to their cities.

How do Paladins earn money?

Pages don't earn money at all, as they are only apprentices. Paladin Swordsman , Archer and Crusader have their salaries that they earn for being active durring Fox raids and such. Although Crusader earns money by getting fees from players that didn't follow town rules, but it is up to the Crusader to choose what will happen to the money he gets.

I'm a page, why won't the Crusader test me?

There could be 2 reasons, one would be that he doesn't see you good enough as a Paladin, meaning you should prove your self to him more by training in the Paladin training camp or he simply doesn't trust you, which would take time to heal. Other reason would be that the Crusaders job is very stressful and he could be simply too busy to test a Page at the time. Give him more time.

What are The Paladin Guild classes?