• City Farms
  • Tower of Aethra
  • Entry to the city of Castlegrad
  • Town church

Townsfolks are simple players doing their job, making a living. They have a big role on the server, as Paladins get all they need from Townsfolks, and Townsfolks are the ones choosing their Crusader . Every townsfolk has it's own unique job. They can battle, but as Iron and Diamond swords are too heavy for them, they can only use stone swords for PvP. Townsfolks are classes for those who don't like PvP-ing as much, but like peaceful gameplay.

Townsfolks FAQ

Why Townsfolk?

Townsfolk are for people that don't relay to PvP as much, but like a peaceful gameplay style. Although being a townsfolk is harder than it looks. When foxes raid, it's townsfolk duty to protect all of the potential items that could be stolen by the Fox during raids by hiding them call the Paladin guild into the city that is being raided and posibly save the town from a Fox attack. Townsfolk also have a duty to choose their Crusader . They can vote out, and vote in a Crusader .

How do Townsfolks earn money?

Townsfolks earn money simply, they get what their job requires them to, and then they sell that stuff to a player in need for the item, or when the even comes, they can sell the stuff to NPC merchants. Every class has it's unique job and features that Townsfolk can use to earn money.

What Townsfolk classes are there?