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Tunnelers are a key class for the Dark Fox Clan as they provide everything they would need underground. Tunnelers take care of the sanctuary , provide food, weaponry, repairs or anything any townsfolk class can. The only exceptions are that they can't mine coal, can't make armor and tools better than iron/chainmail and they don't get lumberjack benefits.

Weaponry: No PvP, any armor.

Skills and Abilities: The pretender - the ability do do anything any townsfolk class can. Tunnelers spend a lot of their time inside the Sanctuary , as they are the one providing the Dark Fox clan with anything they need, but also need to help the Foxes in raid, as they are the only ones being capable of placing or destroying any block withing 10 blocks from Town . They can make security passages by placing dirt on one point and making ladders so Foxes can get inside. But also another feature is that they can mine next to prison, to the prison cells, so they can let go prisoners inside jail. Two major flaws of this class:

1. They can not mine coal, nor get wood (only planks)

2. They can not PvP at all.

Tunneler FAQ

Will Tunnelers get coal and wood ability back?

Simply said, no, they are not.

Why can't Tunnelers mine below the city any more?

Because the confusions start of when you break in someones basement, so people complain on griefing, and that leads to server fighting, which we want to avoid. Therefor you can only mine next to jail, to jail cells, that's all.